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Express shipping

We offer express shipments. Are you in a need of express delivery of your goods? We can make it happen for you. Is there a risk of not delivering your goods Just-in-time? Do not hesitate to Contact us.

Unit shipments deliver in the shortest possible time

Express delivery service is intended for those customers who need to urgently forward the consignment which:

  • The speed of delivery depends on the distance between the destinations
  • We pride ourselves on individual, professional approach
  • Just give us call and everything will be quickly arranged
  • We will do our best to deliver shipments on time

Express road transport in the EU

Express shipments are set for single items which dimensions do not allow any other type of transport. Express shipping offers:

  • Door to door delivery (Customer vs. their consignee) 
  • Door to door delivery (within the company)
  • We  also offer an option of pick up at the designated place and its delivery to our customer
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